World's Smallest Film Festival needs to be bigger

by Guy Kewney | posted on 11 June 2003

Your chance of becoming an award-winning film producer just went up, because it seems that they need more submissions for "The world's smallest film festival." It's too small!

Guy Kewney

The real reason it's the smallest film festival, of course, is that it caters only for short films for display on mobile phones. But unless more people apply to compete, it may be small in other ways, too. So make a movie!

"You may be interested to know that we are just finishing a site for film makers and animators to submit works to 'The World's Smallest Film Festival' - London," reports Beau Buck, ceo and founder of the organising company, BigDigit.

Don't send your clips here; click on this site for all you need to know to join in.

The basic requirements are the same as they were for the original New Orleans festival:

1) Works must be less than 3 minutes in length, maximum file size 5 megs.

2) If submitting in Flash, please use Flash 5 or less

3) If submitting video, we require RM8 or less, or Quicktime 6 or greater

4) Please indicate the category for the submission in the notes: Animation, Comedic, Commercial, Dramatic, Experimental, Music, or Sports

5) Entry fees are waived until August 1st.

Additional information may be found at this site. And there are archives of the last show which you can check out (go here for the home page).

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