Letter: Portugal Wifi Status - it's legal, after all!

posted on 10 June 2003

A reader corrects our mistaken impression about the illegality of WiFi in the world's other GMT time-zone.

Just read your article - and I think you are quite mistaken; here in Portugal Wifi is quite legal.

In fact the government promotes an initiative to promote the use of Wifi among university students, sponsoring any one who wishes to buy a laptop with wifi card/support.

Also there are several public places like Shopping Centres, Sports Stadia (with upcoming Euro2004 around the corner) and leisure spaces. All these Hotspots are sponsored by the government. So I guess unless the government is doing some illegal stuff, Wifi is legal in Portugal.

But you can always go to the equivalent to FCC in Portugal) and check.

There on page 59 you can find an entry respecting RLAN (actually WLAN but it's translated to Portuguese!.

Hope this clears things out!

Best Regards

Diogo Nuno P. Gomes

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