Mobile Content; conference London May 13-14

posted on 15 March 2003

This conference runs over two days; there's an extra "pre-conference workshop the day before, Monday. It's at the Kensington Hilton, London and if the speakers live up to their billing, it should be illuminating, at the very least; it's full of leading phone network operators.

Here's the list of speakers:

Graeme Ferguson, Head of Business Development & Content, Vodafone

Santiago Sebastian de Erice, Head of Multiaccess Portal, Contents & Applications, Telefonica

John Ingham, Head of Content Acquisition, O2

Jose Redondo, Pricing & Billing Manager - Mobile Content, Orange

Paolo Baldriga, Marketing Director, Wind Mobile

Casey Harwood, Vice President & Commercial Director, Turner Broadcasting

Ted Cohen, Vice President Digital Development & Distribution, EMI

John Cuming, General Manager, BBC Content Factory

Seppo Aaltonen, Head of Technology & Architecture Marketing, Nokia

Cyrus Allen, Head of Global Content Strategy & Alliances, SonyEricsson

Ed Andrewes, Commercial Director, Blue Square

And what, exactly, is mobile content? "Mobile content includes new devices and interfaces; examining the technology to enable mobile content services; negotiating with content providers and licensing branded content and finally, operator marketing strategies for mobile content.

Question asked will include: what is available and how much does it cost? and payments and transactions, what's the optimum pricing and billing system?

The pre-conference workshop is on mobile digital rights management - "A distinguished panel of DRM experts will examine: legal challenges and solutions, the threat to revenue of unauthorised distribution of content, the emergence of industry standards and the role of DRM in the content value chain.

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