Wireless congress kicks off in France today

by Guy Kewney | posted on 17 February 2003

NewsWireless Net is off to Cannes - not to see the film stars in the Festival, but to catch up with developments in wireless.

Guy Kewney

This year's Congress promises to spread far beyond the bounds of GSM phones and GSM-based services like SMS. The first third-generation products should be shown, some behind closed doors. There will be new infrastructure products, and new consumer products designed to travel over that new infrastructure - from wireless data services, to movie-swapping services.

But also, there will be new developments in Bluetooth. Little-known companies like Liteon will hit headlines as they move into revolutionary arenas like personal mobile gateways; others unlikely exhibitors include Seiko, with wrist-watch "phone" products.

The NewsWireless Net reporters will bring you daily bulletins from Cannes tomorrow and Wednesday, and a summary on Thursday - together with the available scandal from the Hunky Mouse.