A new UK domain name for wireless LANs?

by Kieren McCarthy | posted on 03 November 2002

If a non-executive director of Nominet and member of its Public Advisory Board, Alex Bligh, has anything to do with it, there could be a new second level domain name for wireless networks by the new year.

Strictly speaking, it won't be a new domain, it will be the extension of the chronically underused existing domain.

Mr Bligh wrote - in response to a Nominet subcommittee's conclusion that the domain should be wiped out altogether - that could find a host of new subscribers if it was opened up so pre-registration rules on the domain were no longer imposed.

The example he gave was of a wireless network. "If [someone] wanted to set up a community wireless LAN in [his] street ... he might well want to register - the domains and have already been registered," Bligh wrote in the paper.

The domain, it has been argued, is a throwback to the early days of the Net and now largely meaningless. However, Mr Bligh envisages a set up for the next generation of Net-based technology.

The subcommittee that made the original decision has been asked to review its conclusions, which it will need to do before 4 December when the main PAB committee next meets.

If you want to make your views known in time for that meeting, send any responses to

The report by Alex Bligh can be found at . The subcommittee's original report can be found at