Scots invaders camp in wireless show, Olympia

by Guy Kewney | posted on 02 October 2002

Mobile Excellence, or MX, is the claim of a group of thirteen Scottish-based developers of mobile applications, who are arriving gang-handed at Enterprise Wireless Technology today, at Olympia -leaving several of their number behind, however.

Guy Kewney

The thirteen delegate companies might be suspected of having clubbed together to buy one large booth rather than thirteen smaller, and more expensive ones; but officially, the purpose was to "provide a one-stop-shop" for companies that specialise "in the invention and delivery of services, applications and solutions, via mobile devices."

Only thirteen are coming to London today; there are more than 20 members of the MX Alliance which aims to "put Scotland on the mobile map."

Alliance members exhibiting at the show aren't listed on the web site, but start with Alpha Bravo Charlie, and end with Yakara - a "lifestyle application vendor" - and if I could cut and paste the whole list in, of course I would ...