"Phenomenal wireless growth" prompts enterprise wireless show, October

by Guy Kewney | posted on 10 April 2002

A new exhibition, Enterprise Wireless Technology, "will showcase the architecture, products and services behind the wireless solutions and technology needed to develop successful mobile strategies," says organiser, Reed.

Guy Kewney

Quoting Ovum forecasts of powerful market expansion - that by 2006, 39.4 million connected mobile workers will support a world-wide market for wireless enterprise technologies and services worth more than $28.7 billion - Reed Exhibitions has set a date for its newest show, Enterprise Wireless Technology, or EWT. It will be October 2 and 3, at Olympia.

This will be a dedicated wireless event for business. "It will encompass all wireless networking technology and specifically look at how they will interface with network based GSM/GPRS/3G services to deliver mainstream applications across generic PC/phone/PDA based platforms," the announcement says.

Exhibitors will include PDA and device manufacturers, network hardware vendors, software and application providers, service companies, the major networks and implementation/integration specialists.

Founder exhibitors include Hewlett-Packard, 3Com, and BEA Systems, and Reed's own titles - Computer Weekly, Wireless Week, and - are listed as "founder sponsors."

The organisers quote Geoff Hogg, European Marketing Manager for Mobile Solutions for Hewlett- Packard supporting the show: "The launch of Enterprise Wireless Technology offers a focus for the maturing mobile industry. As these technologies come of age the industry needs an annual forum to help drive growth. Hewlett- Packard are delighted to be a part of EWT and see this Exhibition as a key element in our marketing strategy for this important sector."

According to Gartner over 70% of purchasing decision makers are currently researching, planning or implementing their wireless strategy.

Reed believes that one of the market drivers in the wireless sector is the increasing number of workers who are mobile or working remotely. "A recent In-Stat/MDR report states that approximately 23% of workers in medium and large businesses are considered mobile; that is, they spend 20% or more of their time away from the office or campus environment," says Reed's EWT exhibition manager, Amanda Strange.

"Wireless technology is becoming much more mainstream. Wireless products that weren't here even 12 months ago are now readily available, and the cost and complexity of implementing these products is falling all the time. There's been a lot of hype in the past surrounding the wireless market, but demand from the business market is finally here, and the wireless sector is taking off" Strange concluded.

The show hopes to attract senior business and IT decision makers "looking to realise the benefits of mobile and wireless technologies to cut infrastructure costs, create a more productive workforce, and help build better relationships with customers and partners."

The event is built on the successful platform of Reed Exhibitions' mobile data events, which attracted thousands of senior and strategic buyers from industrial and business backgrounds over the last five years.

For further information please contact Amanda Strange, telephone: +44 (0) 20 8910 7756 or email her.