Electric Onion guide to hacking hackers

by Sniffer | posted on 22 January 2004

The Electric Onion (an Orthus newsletter) usually deals with general security matters, not wireless - but this month's edition dealt with a wireless hack.


OK, so it was not a real hack: it was just the story of those kids who broadcast rude messages over that Troy Burger King loudspeaker. And then, the author drifted into a trance and revealed a few things "Overheard At My SysAdmin 12 Step Meeting" :-

"You know, if you play a Windows XP installation CDROM backwards, you hear a message from Satan. Even worse ... if you play it forwards, it installs Windows XP."

"You don't think one of these Cyber Terrorists could somehow infiltrate a chat room and pretend to be a sexy girl, do you?"

"I know that these cyber terrorists are difficult to capture in the act, but from what I know about people who are highly skilled with computers, they should be easy to beat up."

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