Drive-through hackers give wireless dietary advice?

by Sniffer | posted on 10 January 2004

Wireless hackers are normally suspected of trying to get information out of the network; but a Burger King shop in Troy, Detroit, has discovered that the opposite can be just as disastrous.


According to a local paper, Local4, the shop uses wireless to talk to customers in their cars, taking orders. Except, the link seems to be insecure, and someone else is using the open channel to pass on "good advice" on diet, to some of the visitors.

This sort of advice is often given in good faith. But the store manager, apparently, objects to seeing his stouter customers discouraged from spending money with comments like: "You don't need a couple of Whoppers. You are too fat. Pull ahead," - which is, apparently, what local policeman Gerry Scherlink has been hearing through the drive-through speaker.

The culprits turn out to be hard to catch despite keeping the caper going for several days. Customers of local Circuit City and Radio Shack stores can expect their recent purchases of wireless gear to come under close scrutiny if it re-starts - but the local paper says that after Tuesday, the hackers seem to have found something else to do.

"The pranks are considered a misdemeanour in Troy and could bring three months in jail and fines for anyone convicted," Local 4 reported.

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