Sony Ericsson T610 hissing problem

by Sniffer | posted on 04 June 2003

These intercepted data packets appear to be a "Letter to the Editor; name withheld ... "



Having read the articles about this, I picked one of these T610 phones up this week hoping that the hissing problem would have been resolved.

Unfortunately not! It seems that the "new batch" of phones received by T-Mobile retail are stuck with the problem! One quick call to SE support and they've told me to send the handset off to a company called Celestica who will either fix it or replace it, I'm not sure which. However, they said it would be a 24 hour turnaround as opposed to the three weeks quoted in the article, which isn't all bad ... I'm just hoping they return an unlocked handset!

Postings around the 'net imply that if the handset has a manufacturing date of around 28th March onwards then it will be fine, but anything before that is potentially faulty.

This is based on the handset and box having a sticker marked with week of manufacture, where fixed handsets have 03w21 for year 2003, week 21. This would tie in with when the reports of the fault came out, and implies that there may be a lot of handsets out in the market with this fault.

However, it goes against what Peter Bodor claims, and if handsets WERE fixed from three weeks ago, how come new stock coming into shops now is STILL faulty?? And if SE were to do a recall, just how expensive would it be? Funny how that reminds me of the scene in Fight Club ...

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