In-depth report into public space broadband access to launch next month

by Tony Crabtree | posted on 09 May 2002

The provision of public space broadband is about to become a commercial reality in the UK and several other European countries, while it is already getting established in pockets like Scandinavia. But no detailed market investigation has been available - till now.

Juniper Research's "Broadband Wireless Access: Opportunities in Wireless LAN Unlicensed Spectrum" report will publish in June. It's a a high quality analyst report of 150 pages on this high growth wireless sector.

<1/>It's probably true to say that even the people who are getting into this market know very little about who their competitors are; most players are still keeping their cards very close to their chests. Most estimates on the total available market are probably wildly short of the truth; and several of the would-be market leaders are likely to come in for a harsh shock when they discover what their competition will really be.
The report will focus particularly clearly on the provision of internet access in public spaces (airports/ coffee bars/ conventions etc). There's also the issue of public transport access. And finally, there's the "last mile" where wireless is starting to be important.
The report calls on information provided by both service providers and equipment vendors of 802.11, HomeRF and other wireless LAN kit. It covers the scope and performance of current and planned products and services; and it provides a summary of the views of the major players in these markets, on probable market development scenarios over the next few years Cost of the report is £1,990 (paper, no VAT) or on CD ROM for £2990plus VAT which makes it not only a unique document, but of unique value in this under-researched market.
Further details will be posted shortly, here, and on the Juniper web site.
If you would like to register your interest, please e-mail Michele Ince with your name, position, company details, contact details and the nature of your interest. Alternatively, the report can be ordered direct through Guy Kewney's Mobile Campaign - mail Guy Kewney for details.
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