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New Highly Secure Wireless Network Capable of Delivering Multimedia Content to Mobile and Fixed Security Devices

by Staff Writer | posted on 16 March 2005

London, UK — March 8, 2005— Pulse~LINK, Inc., a leading developer of Ultra Wideband (UWB) communications, demonstrated the use of its C-Wave  UWB Wireless Local Area Networking (WLAN) technology for global security applications at the Equity International 2005 Homeland & Global Security Summit in Washington DC.  Pulse~LINK’s demonstrations at the conference, March 2-3, 2005 at the Washington, D.C. Convention Center, showcased unprecedented wireless security for stealth networking of electronic devices.

The 2005 Homeland & Global Security Summit features the latest information from U.S. and international homeland security leaders on homeland security, including:  new priorities and programs in the 2005 and 2006 homeland security budget; new business opportunities resulting from the massive intelligence overhaul; how to do business with DHS; identifying homeland security opportunities within the Department of Justice and FBI; new BioDefense programs and funding; new port and cargo security programs and funding; strategies on successfully obtaining federal grants for First Responders, opportunities in the growing transportation security market.  The Summit featured over 115 international technology, security and defense companies, government delegations from the Russian Federation, Great Britain, Spain and Finland, and high-ranking officials from the United States Department of Homeland Security, Health and Human Services, Department of Defense, Congress, the National Security Agency and U.S. Customs Department.

Pulse~LINK’s secure wireless technology enables multiple simultaneous multimedia streams for wireless networking of a variety of mobile and fixed security devices.  Increased bandwidth and quality of service provided by Pulse~LINK’s UWB technology allows security personnel to use mobile multimedia equipment to transmit high quality secure audio and video images, replacing the use of non-secure handheld audio-only radios currently in use.  The Pulse~LINK demonstrations showcased opportunities to utilise its UWB wireless technology at any location requiring a secure, high-speed network for data/voice and multimedia communications including airports, military bases, embassies, maritime ports and virtually any point of entry into the country.  Pulse~LINK is currently making its PLK23300-EVK evaluation kits available to partners for testing and development purposes.

"Equity International is thrilled to have such leading technology innovators as Pulse~LINK demonstrating their products at the 2005 Homeland & Global Security Summit," stated William Loiry, President, Equity International. "It is through cutting-edge technology, like Pulse~LINK's C-Wave UWB Wireless Local Area Networking (WLAN), that help America's government leaders fight the war on terror."

“This has been an excellent venue to showcase our UWB technology and present the tremendous benefits it can provide global and homeland security infrastructures,“ added Bruce Watkins, Pulse~LINK President/COO.  “It allowed security leaders from around the world the opportunity to witness the latest technologies and innovations being developed to optimise security in the interest of public safety.”

Pulse~LINK’s advancements in the development of Ultra Wideband communications have resulted in a network with enhanced security offering several layers of signal security at the RF physical layer even prior to encryption.   Because the UWB signal does not use one frequency but is spread across several Giga-Hertz of spectrum below the RF noise floor, it cannot be detected with conventional receiver technology.  This results in an inherently secure solution versus other wireless technologies currently available.  “Hack ability” is a common occurrence in other systems such as WiFi, but is not a concern with Pulse~LINK’s secure proprietary C-Wave  UWB modulation and architecture.  The need for secure private networks that are impervious to outside attacks is becoming increasingly important in locations such as airports where WiFi networks are popping up in lounges and throughout terminals for public hotspots.

Several capabilities uniquely position Pulse~LINK for the specialised applications required by clients in need of a secure high performance wireless network.  While the focus of other UWB companies has been short-range Wireless Personal Area Networking (WPAN), primarily for use as a commercial USB cable replacement, Pulse~LINK has developed the only WLAN UWB technology available today and is the only UWB company worldwide to achieve and demonstrate Gigabit wireless data rates at short range.

The highly secure network will benefit clients by enabling mobile devices such as laptop computers, personal digital assistants, mobile video cameras and a wide range of similar devices to communicate wirelessly at ranges comparable to that of existing WiFi technologies but with far greater security. The added UWB pursuit of highly accurate indoor or outdoor positioning capabilities in the technology allows the precise location of linked devices to be tracked without the use of GPS satellites.  Additionally, Pulse~LINK’s WLAN technology is able to support a high density of required users in one location, such as those who might be called for in emergency response situations.  The Pulse~LINK exhibit at the conference included a pico-net of four evaluation kits demonstrating real-time wireless video transmissions.

In addition to government applications, Pulse~LINK’s wireless LAN technology is being developed for wireless connectivity within the home.  Because of its distance, data rates, and quality of service, Pulse~LINK’s C-Wave  UWB communications provides superior networking solutions for wireless connectivity of entertainment centers, computers systems and virtually all digital devices.

About Pulse~LINK

Pulse~LINK, Inc. is a private Delaware Corporation founded in June 2000 and headquartered in Carlsbad, California.  In April 2004, the Company announced the close of its $30 Million Series D investment round. Pulse~LINK has over 200 issued and pending patents pertaining to Ultra Wideband wired and wireless communications technology.  In addition to demonstrating Gigabit wireless UWB transmissions and pioneering secure UWB Wireless Local Area Networking, Pulse~LINK is the first and only company to demonstrate UWB over home electric power lines and cable television networks.  For additional information, please visit the Pulse~LINK web site at

About Equity International

Equity International is the leading U.S. facilitator of business involvement and solutions in homeland security. Equity International organises yearly Homeland & Global Security Summits, the most influential homeland security trade shows in the United States. Since 2002, Equity International has also organised monthly homeland security briefings at the National Press Club, providing the latest information from Congressional and Administration leaders on homeland security funding and programs. Equity International organised its first homeland security event in 1998, when the firm hosted a national conference on the threat of Osama bin Laden to U.S. corporate facilities and personnel. One of the firm's latest events - The Capitol Hill Homeland Security Technology Showcase, held in the Rayburn House Office Building, attracted hundreds of government and industry leaders.

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