The role of the ITSUG in the Ericsson vs Sendo case...

by Guy Kewney | posted on 24 March 2005

For a bit of background on the lawsuit Ericsson has unleashed against Sendo, it's necessary to know about the existence of the ITSUG.

Guy Kewney

I've written a longish analysis of this background in  this column on, which concludes  here

"To understand the situation, it's no use asking any of the players. All the big GSM players know the score, but they can't tell. They've signed agreements in blood (well, nearly) saying they won't tell. Instead, you have to go to a small seaside town in the United Kingdom and approach a lawyer I know there. I honestly dare not say more about this man, but I can tell you the name of his client: the ITSUG."

ITSUG stands for International Telecommunications Standards User Group—a pretty opaque title, which says nothing about what it does—but its aims are to sort out patent licensing about GSM equipment.

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