Good news! 60% of UK adults know what WiFi is. Now, the bad news...

by Guy Kewney | posted on 18 April 2005

The bad news is, as many as 40% of UK adults do not know what WiFi is. The good news, probably, is that prices are being cut for hotspots, so maybe this will change?

Guy Kewney

The survey from Freedom2Surf, shows that "a quarter of all men" and half of all women in Britain, have never heard of WiFi.

Against that, 30% of younger folks (16-24 years old) not only know what it is, but use a hotspot at least once a week.

As for the rest, people who don't use hotspots mostly don't because they can't: they don't own a WiFi enabled computer. Those who do have WiFi on their notebook still aren't keen because it's expensive.

Here's where Freedom2Surf gets its pitch in: it's reselling BT's OpenZone hotspots. But (you protest) BT OpenZone isn't famous for being cheap! How can they do that, without actually increasing the price?

We'll probably await Ofcom's investigation with patience for a very long time; but according to Freedom2Surf, the retail price through them will be exactly half what BT charges.

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