Nokia 6630 is "Easily the one to go for" - long term review

by Staff Writer | posted on 26 July 2005

It's all true: the Series 60 is not new, and the Nokia 6630 isn't the newest and shiniest. But, says reviewer Steve Litchfield, "it's easily the one to go for when it comes to value for money."

The review, out today on AllAboutSymbian, says: "All around the High Street, stores are offering the 6630 for free on quite modest SIM contracts, or you can pick one up on eBay, second-hand, for not much more than £100." And, says the reviewer, it's a nice phone.

Litchfield summarises: "When you consider that you're effectively getting a Symbian-powered mobile computer, plus (up to) 3G telephony/data, a stereo music player and a Megapixel camera, all for not an awful lot, it's hard to resist."

The Series 60, when it first appeared, was not praised. There was not much software, and what software there was, was not much cop. That, says Litchfield in his review, has all changed. The PC Suite 6.6 even makes the thing a more than useful (daylight only!) camera and picture store, he says.

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