How to sponsor NewsWireless, and get the best advertising deal on the Web!

by Guy Kewney | posted on 21 December 2005

Most conventional web sites take large sums of money off you for adverts. And in exchange, what do you get? A Banner. Oh, come on... you can do better than that!

Guy Kewney

A Banner! Or a Skyscraper - or even, a flickering, irritating mid-page attention grabber - who needs that? It's a nuisance. It's nothing that anybody would want to look at, and usually, a natural target for AdBlock software.

A fresh new idea!

What's the alternative? Something that people would want to read? Or perhaps, something that stays up on the Web site, for as long as you want it to? Or something which gets recorded in Google News, and in NewsNow, and the other news site aggregators, and picked up by anybody who is actually interested in your product?

That's what NewsWireless offers.

Instead of adverts, we offer sponsor bulletins.

They are:-

  • As long as you want them to be
  • Full of illustrations if you want
  • Able to show movies
  • Linkable to any site
  • Part of the main Web site at NewsWireless
  • Yes, that's right. When we put your sponsor bulletin up, it goes right in as the lead story at Newswireless. Nobody else can offer this to advertisers. And the advert will be indexed on Google's news page.

    We aren't breaking the rules, either. These are the same as Editorial bulletins, but with the disclaimer that they are not News or Features, but Sponsors items.

    Nobody is being deceived into thinking this is an editorial item - but if you are giving important sales messages to people who should be interested, then it's something they can get their teeth into. It is interesting, it is informative, it is topical, and it conveys your message.

    Terms and conditions are, naturally, negotiable; but you can get a full month's publicity of four bulletins for no more than five hundred pounds. A year's advertising - 50 insertions of the same advert, or fifty different adverts - will cost less than five thousand pounds.

    Yes, of course we can do a simple advert! Fifty pounds will buy you a logo on the front page, rotated with the other sponsors, and we can even carry your banner for a hundred pounds a month. But really, why?


    You can do better than that!

    NewsWireless goes to people who understand wireless. You're not trying to remind them of a consumer brand name, you're not just mindlessly repeating "IBM" or "Sanyo" on a football hoarding.

    Rather, you're offering a solution to experts. If you have a message, they'll listen!

    Contact the Publisher at NewsWireless now, and take a step beyond banners!

    Or call me, the Editor, on +44 20 8809 0492 and let's talk. We have ideas!

    Guy Kewney

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