"Enigmatic" boxer gets mobile download site from Bango

by Sniffer | posted on 25 April 2006

Michael Watson, boxer, has never recovered from the brain damage sustained in a fight with Chris Eubank. The fight, regarded as one of the best arguments for banning boxing, can now be watched on your mobile phone, neural damage and all, because Eubank is selling the gruesome experience on his mobile web site.


In one of the more surprising ghoul-pleasing moves ever by Bango, the company announced today: "The Chris Eubank mobile site, developed by mobile content specialists Activefone and powered by Bango's browse and buy technology, offers fans a chance to download top Eubank fights including one of the top 5 greatest battles of all time - Chris Eubank v Michael Watson II."

Presumably, none of the footage will show Watson's long struggle to regain his powers of speech and ability to walk.

Eubanks, you will be surprised to hear, is not a boxer. No, he's a "brand" - I quote: "Chris Eubank is one of a growing number of top sports brands who are using the mobile medium to create a direct, interactive relationship with consumers," says Bango.  And (it continues) Bango is leading the direct-to-consumer channel for content providers to sell a range of digital content from ringtones and music to games and videos direct to their users anywhere in the world. 

But heck! - your local Sniffer will bet you anything you like you can probably buy a blood-stained shirt from eBay to commemorate the gory night.

Not unnaturally, Eubank never recovered his previous swagger after that night, and many have sympathised with him in his attempt to come to terms with what happened. Perhaps selling pictures of the fight shows he's managed to shrug off the guilt?

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