Squeaky wheel: oil struck at BBC news

by Guy J Kewney | posted on 12 May 2006

All I have to do now, is keep my next interview secret. Following the embarrassing incident at the BBC, it appears that the joke has irresistible appeal to my fellow hax: specifically, anybody who isn't News 24 thinks it's hilarious.

The story of how the BBC managed to interview a black taxi driver instead of the guy who was sent to bring him to the studio (well, that's one theory!) is apparently going to appear in media which go well beyond my normal biographer, Rupert Goodwins

Specifically, the Times has been probing at TV Centre, and the Grundiana has been interviewing my family. And even the BBC's internal organ, Ariel, has been hot on the trail.

But there is another august institution, which I may not reveal here, which is considering running the story. And there are two things they are concerned about: secrecy, and secrecy.

The first secrecy is simple "scoop" security - they want to make sure that I don't talk to too many rival shows. Fair enough: they know about the Garudani anyway.

But the other secrecy is rather more to the point: "We don't want any repetitions." And if my "friends" online find out where the interview will be, then there's a real risk (apparently) that a couple of dozen ringers will show up. In reception. Claiming to be me.

Who knows: some of them might even look like me...

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