Invented: Web minus two point oh, and ASBO software...

by Sniffer | posted on 17 May 2006

Word from Zaragoza (or Zaragossa) in Spain, where The Boss is pretending to work, that the theme of the innovation is "very Web 2.0 and very social software."


Apparently, it all got too much for organiser Chris Shipley.

After a presentation from Clicmobile of its particularly sexy bit of social software, she apparently snapped. It's nice enough software; it allows you to find friends in your neighbourhood, and meet them. Location based, yadda yadda. Catchline: "Are you there?"

Shipley: "I think what I want is a version of this which is called 'Don't go there!' which shows me where people are whom I want to avoid."

And she's apparently all in favour of "anti-social networking projects" for next year. You've been warned...

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