Tech expert and Nobelly Prize: too much birthday fun?

by Guy J Kewney | posted on 29 June 2006

Why on earth is a tech guru promising his readers that he's going to blog about his weight loss plan? And worse still, what is he doing when he breaks his promise? Step forward "Mea Culpa" Magid! - it's time you owned up. Just what do you weigh?

A weird question, you probably think. Well, every now and again, I'm reminded of old friends, some of whom I've rather lost touch with; and today, it's Larry Magid. His name came up because he once told me when his birthday is: June 29th. Outlook promptly warns me of the "appointment"So I googled to see what he's doing, and the short answer is that he seems to do his old PC beat - which is fine! - and writing about wireless - also fine. And he's writing about his belly

It's shameful! The great promise read: "Starting today, Thursday March 23, 2006 I’m going to go back on the wagon in a very public way. I plan to monitor my weight and my eating on a website that you can access and I invite you to join me if you too have a weight problem. I will weigh myself first thing in the morning and I’ll put that information on my personal website that you can access now at"

Naturally, I went to see how he was doing. And how is he doing? Well, I can't tell you. Only four entries could I find! Tsk. Also, tut.

Get back to wireless and PCs, Larry. Oh, and happy birthday... and don't eat the candles!

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