IBC Mobile : I may never get there!

by Guy J Kewney | posted on 21 July 2006

It's big. Very big! - but the Amsterdam International Broadcasting Convention (conference and exhibition) hasn't made much of one of its side-shows - mobile - until last year. This year, the Mobile sector has doubled in size, with Mobile TV one of the main themes - and registration is free for those who log on before 21 August. But can I get in?

Tricky. Of course, it's understandable... organising an exhibition always poses problems for those who want to keep fake journalists and "analysts" in the "PAY HERE!" queue. For example, before a recent Computex show, I introduced myself to one senior Taiwanese vice-president who asked me for my business card. Ten minutes later, he asked for another one.

The show started the next day, and I was moderately surprised to find I was already registered. Not only registered, but I had apparently collected my Press pass, and entered the building. "Show us two business cards..." said the registration clerk. I did: I showed her 500. I got in. But so did the VP, without paying.

IBC is apparently a bit more careful. Of course, it has a Press Registration page and you can see it highlighted on the left - REGISTRATION. Excellent! except: you can't go to the REGISTRATION page until you've logged in. And yes: you can't log in until you've registered.

Emails are changing hands...

All registrations include free entry to the exhibition, IBC Training, Mobile and New Technology Zones, access to the Added Value Sessions and commercial business seminars that are part of the Conference Programme, entry into the IBC Big Screen Experience (which includes D-Cinema) and complimentary entry to the Awards Ceremony.

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