Meta-irony and the movie database moves me closer to a Kevin Bacon number...

by Guy J Kewney | posted on 27 September 2006

There is, as yet, no picture of Guy Goma on the movie database, IMDB. That's probably because his agent hasn't paid for the necessary upload. However! - although there is no picture, the news that he's due to star in a movie has finally dragged me into the movie database.

So here's the meta-irony for you: if you search for Guy Kewney in IMDB you won't find me, except as a foot-note to Guy Goma's entry. What is Goma best known for? Well, for not having a movie about him, you could argue.

But more accurately, he's famous for not being me. And me? Well, I'm probably best known, these days, for not being him. So I'm almost famous for not being a person who isn't me.

Meanwhile, the possibility that the movie may be made, means that there's a chance a Real Actor will be cast to play some part or other in the Life of Goma. If that happens, the actor concerned will, almost certainly, have a Kevin Bacon number. Already, the IMDB refers to a TV episode of "Have I Got News For You" in which both Goma and I appear (we'll overlook the sad fact that I appear only in a still photograph) together. So will I have a Kevin Bacon number, then?

If and when they do upload a pic, I wonder which of us it will be? I suppose, strictly speaking, it doesn't matter. After all, nobody can tell us apart...

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