Report the next Edinburgh Festival wirelessly, on the train to London!

by Guy J Kewney | posted on 26 October 2006

All 41 of GNER’s electric and diesel trains "now have WiFi on board, offering passengers the ability to surf the internet and send and receive email throughout the East Coast Main Line route," the railway company announced in the UK today. [tag: ]

Trains running North and South between London and Edinburgh have been experimenting with this technology for years, and NewsWireless got into real hot water back in January 2004 for reporting that ZDNet's star wireless hack was broadcasting his webcam from a WiFi carriage heading North.

GN ER was one of the very few rail-wireless pioneers to decide to do it themselves, rather than farm the project out, and the company is understandably proud [see publicity pic, right]: "The news means GNER now operates the world’s biggest fleet of wireless internet equipped train carriages, and Britain’s first all-WiFi train fleet. The project was due to be completed in May 2007, but has now been finished more than seven months ahead of schedule."

Full details on the rail company web site

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