Letter: Bill Gates invoice for Vista Wireless - immediate payment please

by Adrian James | posted on 12 November 2006

Just read your "Dear Bill, invoice enclosed" piece. Well the solution to this problem you had is simple buy a copy of the New Vista OS. Here you clearly won't be able to find any of the functions you want 'cos MS have "buried" them.

I tried to set up wireless Networking on my laptop with Vista and by the time I found the software and set it up to connect the laptop Battery was flat.

I'm supposed to be a wireless wiz, but frankly if this isn't changed in Vista then we will be selling Linux.

The problem is it is an attitude that is wrong; there is the same problem in the new Office suite.

Previously in Word I chose File New and was presented with our Templates, in the new version? Well, firstly, there isn't a "File New" and when you do finally get to Templates yours are hidden under one Icon and MS's cover the page with their

  • onsite,
  • offsite,
  • online,
  • somewhere else, and
  • someone elses templates,
  • all of which are pretty useless to us. Frankly it should display ours with a single icon where we could go and dig out new ones if needed.

    Microsoft are trying to emulate Apple and hide the users from the nuts & bolts, but PCs have a great diversity of Hardware, Software and Uses, Apples are much more a one horse pony and can all be configured in a pretty similar way, with Setup procedures hidden from the User. (Apple users being more affluent can afford to pay Techie Guys when networking and external gizmos are needed). We PC users have to be DIY wherever possible.

    I removed Vista from my laptop cos it ran like a snail (with 512Kb Ram), but more importantly I didn't like / couldn't understand how it operates, and really have better thing to do than re-learn how the software operates.

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