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SK Telecom Selects InterDigital to Develop Mobile Wireless Handover Capability

by Staff Writer | posted on 26 December 2006

First of Its Kind Deployment to Provide Seamless Mobility for Consumers Using Next-Generation Wireless Devices

SK Telecom announced it has chosen InterDigital Communications Corporation (NASDAQ: IDCC) to develop an advanced mobility solution for nationwide session continuity. The mobility solution will support nationwide handover for SK Telecom’s customers when moving between WiBro and UMTS networks throughout the country. InterDigital’s solution will include both the system design and the software solution for dual mode WiBro/UMTS terminal units. With this mobility solution, InterDigital and SK Telecom are driving demand for the next generation of converged wireless devices and providing a leading edge solution for the wireless industry migration to access independent Internet Multimedia Session (IMS) networks. In addition to the technology development, the agreement provides for potential collaboration on future projects.

“InterDigital’s leadership in next generation mobility standards including the IEEE 802.21 media independent standard efforts as well as the 3GPP UMTS standards, made them a natural choice when we sought to deploy a groundbreaking system that furthers our leadership in offering our customers the most advanced services,” remarked Dr. Jong Tae Ihm, Vice President SK Telecom, Terminal Device and Access Network R&D Center. “In the near future SK Telecom mobile customers will be able to take advantage of applications requiring interface speeds of 30-50 Mbps, including the next generation of multimedia applications as well as packet-based applications, while seamlessly moving between multiple network and geographic locations.”

SK Telecom currently operates a nationwide UMTS Network and has announced plans to expand its advanced mobile network across the country, building facilities for WiBro services in several major cities. SK Telecom approached InterDigital to develop a solution that addresses the need for network interoperability, specifically, inter-network handovers from WiBro to UMTS coverage areas. With multiple wireless technologies and more capable mobile devices appearing with increasing frequency, combined with rapidly evolving device usage models, SKT recognized the need to be first to market with 802.21 in Korea.

Michael Thelander, CEO of Signals Research Group, LLC, commented, “SKT has clearly moved to the forefront of convergence by seeking to integrate two complementary wireless broadband standards. The whole notion of convergence across multiple access technologies with a common IMS core network hinges on the ability to provide a seamless continuity of service when subscribers move between various access technologies. 802.21 will provide that critical feature; positioning both companies to capitalize early on a growing market opportunity by leveraging InterDigital’s leadership in the development of solutions for both 802.21 and UMTS.”

“We’re pleased to be able to contribute to SK Telecom’s continued leadership in offering its customers next-generation wireless solutions and look forward to a fruitful continuing partnership,” said William J. Merritt, Chief Executive Officer of InterDigital. “Our expertise in the development of the media independent handover services as well as advanced UMTS technologies allows us to provide unique solutions that solve the challenge of inter-network wireless connectivity, as well as enabling technology for seamless internetworking in an all-IP system.”

About SKT

SK Telecom is Korea’s leading mobile communications company with more than 20 million subscribers. SK Telecom successfully commercialized the world’s first CDMA cellular phone service and launched the world’s first IMT-2000 third generation service. The company is listed on the Korean Stock Exchange, the New York Stock Exchange and the London Stock Exchange. For more information about SK Telecom, please visit or email at

About InterDigital

InterDigital Communications Corporation designs, develops and provides advanced wireless technologies and products that drive voice and data communications. InterDigital is a leading contributor to the global wireless standards and holds a strong portfolio of patented technologies which it licenses to manufacturers of 2G, 2.5G, 3G and 802 products worldwide. Additionally, the company offers baseband product solutions and protocol software for 3G multimode terminals and converged devices. InterDigital’s differentiated technology and product solutions deliver time-to-market, performance and cost benefits. For more information, please visit InterDigital’s web site: InterDigital is a registered trademark of InterDigital.

InterDigital is a registered trademark of InterDigital Communications Corporation. Full details on the corporate web site

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