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New International Mobile Operator Takes on the Telco Giants

by Staff Writer | posted on 24 January 2007

AwayPhone can cut cost of calling while abroad by 90 percent and provides local numbers to aid business links

AwayPhone ( is a new phone service for business travellers. Acting as a mobile operator when users are abroad, AwayPhone was launched to provide international services denied by the major telecoms operators.

AwayPhone saves people up to 90 percent on phone costs through using internet routings known as Voice over IP (VoIP). Only the local portions of a call are fed across costly mobile networks. It also provides a local number in the country visited to assist with building relationships with businesses in the region. Calls to usual fixed and mobile numbers are seamlessly diverted to the AwayPhone handset so regular contacts do not need to change their dialling information.

“Our customers feel wedded to their mobile phones but, at the moment have no choice but to accept the expensive and inflexible offerings of their usual service provider,” explains Sherry Madera, CEO of AwayPhone. “They need to stay in touch with clients, colleagues, friends and family – as well as developing new contacts in the area they are visiting. AwayPhone makes doing this easy and economical.”

Before departure, customers activate their home mobiles onto the AwayPhone system and swap their home SIM card to the AwayPhone SIM card, safe in the knowledge that calls to and from AwayPhone are far cheaper than conventional roaming. They also know that the local number provided by AwayPhone gives them a strategic advantage when it comes to developing new contacts who would otherwise be deterred from getting in touch by high call charges to an international number.

AwayPhone was founded by a team that had experienced the problems of doing business in countries such as China and the United States. “It has to be easy for local contacts to reach you when abroad – every call could be that vital deal,” explains Madera. “We provide a local number in the country you visit that reaches you wherever you are – home or abroad - for as long as you subscribe to AwayPhone.”

“Your regular mobile service is geared to your needs in the UK whereas AwayPhone concentrates on optimising your costs and connectivity when abroad,” Madera adds.

The service is available in 91 countries. Setup costs around £31 plus call charges for the first month. A continuing monthly subscription is £5.99 per month plus itemised call costs. Prices quoted exclude VAT.

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