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MySpace's Newest Rival Could Change The Social Networking Era

by Staff Writer | posted on 16 February 2007 is set to revolutionize the way we do social networking. Millionaires will be made as this new company shares its wealth with its members while making a much safer, funner place to network. The question that has everyone on the edge of their seats, who will be their Tom? Wait until you see this, says the marketing team of

(PRWeb) February 16, 2007 -- MySpace, Friendster, EveryonesSpace, SwingerMySpace, and ChristianMySpace beware, there's a new rival coming soon. With so many companies' jumping in the game to cash in on social networking, there is one thing these sites all have in common, no unpaid advertising allowed but, this is about to change. is the newest rival that is aligning to help others get connected with their friends while getting paid. The motto of is simple, "Make Friends. Get Paid." It will now pay to be your friend, says their marketing team as most social sites do not allow you to profit share in the ever exploding growth of a company. The talk of the town is there could be some new millionaires created when this company and their social site kicks off some major affiliate recruitment campaigns. But that's not all. There is another big question that is getting everyone talking and that question is who will be their TOM?

As many people know TOM on MySpace has played a major role by appearing on every members accounts but with no real significant value. Some are thinking it will be Howard Stern, or even The Rich Jerk that will appear on every account. One thing is for sure, this icon will be worth the membership says the staff.

Google adsense users may even get to use adsense on their profiles. The marketing team of says that if they are going to share the wealth with their members why not allow them to also get paid on the many adsense clicks that their profiles could bring. This is what so many people have wanted to do at MySpace as MySpace has earned a whopping $25 million a month from its advertisers.

Beta Testers of will be allowed access soon when the site is ready and will get the deluxe accounts for free. The beta testers will be limited to a first come first serve basis so early arrivals stand to benefit from the first soft launch phase.

Social networking is a big business for advertisers and even a bigger deal for people who want to connect and reconnect with those they love or want to meet. There should never be a monopoly with one company and MySpace should realize that. is creating a safer, and much more financially rewarding place for its members to make friends at. It's about time we "Get Paid" while "Making Friends".

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