The Wireless Event: May 23-24, Olympia, London

by Guy J Kewney | posted on 17 February 2007

It started as the WiFi event. Now, the Wireless Event, in its fifth year, is "about delivering effective enterprise applications using wireless networks and mobile devices. It also features a CEO strategy conference for WiFi, 3G, WiMAX and VoIP operators and service providers."

Exhibitor list now includes: 802 Global Air Defense Airspan Networks AirWave Alvarion Aptilo Networks Aruba BegraviumHopling BellAir Networks Bluesocket Bozii BT City Space Cohesive Communications Colubris Community Internet Connect Spot Cordless Group D-Link Datacom DiVitas Inc DUMMY Ekahan Extricom Firetide Fluke Funkwerk FWA Solutins Hewlett Packard Hopling Technology Horsebridge HP iPass LastMile Communications Lever Technology Marquest Metalink Mobile Mark Moovera Motorola Netgear Panorama Antennas Phihong Phoenix Plantronics Proxim Quiconnect Radwin React Technologies RGI Ruckus Selcoms Select Cables Service Factory Siemens Communications Skypilot Telindus The Cloud Networks Tropos Wayport WeRoam Wick Hill Group WildPackets WLAN Source ZComax Zinwave and Zyxel

Registration now open

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