No, you have NOT won an iPhone. It's a trojan... and there will be more!

by Guy J Kewney | posted on 02 July 2007

An official warning (that is to say "it's not a hoax!") about an exploit aimed at iPhone fans has been issued by Secure Computing. If you get a message saying you've won an iPhone, ignore it!

The official announcement warns that "Because of the popularity of the iPhone brand this is the first in what's bound to be a series of scams involving the iPhone."

Even PC users who have normally good anti-malware protection are at risk, says the company, because corporate protection is often lax about this sort of threat:

"Scripts within the HTML code returned to the user contain exploit code for multiple vulnerabilities to improve the malicious hacker's chances of gaining the necessary access to install the rootkit /spam bot malware," said Paul Henry, vice president of technology evangelism for Secure Computing.

"While most organisations fully inspect the traffic directed to their Internet facing web servers, many do not inspect the traffic that is returned to their internal users when visiting Internet web sites."

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