What's the worst mobile phone deal in the UK? Hello, iPhone and O2!

by Guy J Kewney | posted on 21 November 2007

According to O2, its iPhone is the best-seller "ever" - but in a sober assessment by Money Supermarket, this shows the presence of dismaying numbers of people with more money than sense.

In a "name and shame" summary of the ten worst deals on the market the Sunday Times newspaper singled out this deal as the ultimate bad bargain:

The worst contract on the market in terms of value for money is 02’s iPhone package, according to Rob Barnes, mobile expert at 
The report then went on to pan Citibank - "Citibank’s easy-access account hardly deserves the name of a savings account, paying a rate of just 0.4 per cent" - ADSL4Less - "One of the most expensive broadband deals offered" - and Smile - "avoid the Smile Gold Visa, which charges 16.9 per cent as soon as money is put on it – with no introductory offers."

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