Can Windows Mobile at least stop with the "awesome" and "great software" and We're Excited cliches?

by Sniffer | posted on 11 February 2008

When Bill Gates was a young man, he was pretty shy. So, when he started being Important, his publicity people marched him into a sound-proof room and taught him public speaking - and he evolved his own weird tenor delivery, laced with trade-mark Bill Gates words.  Specifically, he was excited, he had some awesome technology to show us, and it was incredible.


But isn't one Bill Gates enough?

It's bad - worse than bad - the way his senior staff seem to feel the need to imitate his completely transparent insincerity. Windows, kids, has never been about "excitement" - unless you're thinking about the sort of "excitement" involved in trashing your PC with a mallet because it won't uninstall something. Windows is about "everybody has it, so you better like it."

"Awesome"; yes, I'll give you awesome. It's awesome how many people will put up with it. "Incredible," too, how much money Microsoft made from them/us.

But Microsoft has always imitated "great software"  invented, developed and marketed by other pioneers. Today, it announced the purchase of yet another "great technology" pioneer, Danger. With it, we got the full panoply of Gates cliches from Robbie Bach and Peter Knook.

Guys, this is ordinary, me-too software. It doesn't matter how often you say you're "excited" or how "awesome" it is. You aren't Bill Gates, who is awesome; and it's time you found a style which isn't Gates-clone.

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