HTD launches "Touch Diamond" mobile phone as predicted, with 3D touch screen

by Guy J Kewney | posted on 06 May 2008

The "Touch" series of products from HTC includes a Windows Vista palmtop; but the latest is a phone "which sets a new benchmark" says the company. It has also generated more pre-excitement about the day of the launch than most phones generate about themselves.

As all the gossip-mongers predicted, the Touch Diamond was the big release for today, and as they all tried not to admit, it's a phone.

"Delivering unmistakable style and meticulous craftsmanship the HTC Touch Diamond is defined by its compact size, game-changing Internet and its new captivating 3D touch interface called TouchFLO 3D. The result is an uncompromising mobile phone that sets a new benchmark for phone sophistication and shapes consumer expectations for how a phone can be used," said the company publicity group.

Based on Windows Mobile, with a Qualcomm chipset, and it's still being greeted with ecstasy!

We've published the full press release here

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