Is this a real iPhone? Does it work like one?

by Guy J Kewney | posted on 28 June 2008

It looks like an iPhone. It says "iPhone" and has an Apple logo. And if you want one, you send money - but not to Apple. Instead, you go to Epodatech, and ask for a sample.

Interestingly, the iPhone-alike isn't on the company's English language web site - it's on the main site

The site gave us this data through email, writing:

Would you like telling me your mail address? then I could send you our quotation for your reference.

We have a new odel: A3,W600,K007,G300,A1,F1,G104(with CE and ROHS),V2,EP-2507,W688 ,G007(GPS watch phone)

Lower price: A007,T918(triband),N800,M800,V900,EP2507

We also have TV phone Dual sim card phone, Iphone, NOKIA N96(copy) and Smart phone

and the email given is for Amanda Zeng at

Is it a copy? Mail them, and if you get a phone, let us know!

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