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by Guy J Kewney | posted on 20 October 2008

"Despite the promise of significant revenues, the mobile advertising market is still in its infancy," reports Peggy Anne Salz - writing in a White Paper available from Bango this week.

The cost of getting this chapter is trivial: you answer a one-page questionnaire. For NewsWireless, it was a doddle: "Do you do mobile advertising? - NO." and that was that. But the White Paper is worth a quick read. Salz admits:

Some of the obstacles are no doubt linked to the technical and business issues I outline in section 1 (issues outside the scope of this paper). However, my discussions with agencies and digital marketers tell a different story. 
They want to move into mobile but need some help. The market is clearly poised for significant growth, but only if the Long Tail of advertisers and publishers can get on board. They need a roadmap and this is why it’s critical to have a ‘how-to’ white paper at this juncture.

 Which gives you the flavour of the message. It includes some case studies, and a page or three on "analytics" which betrays the "sponsored by Bango" element, because it compares Bango campaign analytics with alternatives. But that's not a bad thing; it gives a good idea of what sort of stuff mobile analytics has to deal with.

One example was the question of waste. The author set up a trial mobile web site, and launched a campaign. To her "interest" she found that although she asked for covert coverage in the UK and USA markets, she found she was getting clicks from several other countries. "Remember, I pay for these clicks!" she remarked.

This was worth quoting:

"Mobile is not PC."

"It may sound like a bit of a no-brainer, but the business implications are profound. For publishers and advertisers it changes all the rules.

"As Jonathan MacDonald, Senior Consultant Mobile Marketing at OgilvyOne Worldwide, a company focused on customer management and interactive marketing, correctly points out both at industry conferences and in his upcoming mobile advertising book, The Communication Ideal: It's time for a rethink. Mobile advertising isn't just about banners; it's about coordinating and cultivating two-way conversations with individuals and giving them a say in their advertising experiences. Think co-creation. Think communication."

Peggy Anne Salz is the chief analyst and publisher of MSearchGroove, an online source of analysis and commentary on mobile search, mobile advertising and social media. Her report, Mobile Search & Content Discovery – the first of its kind – establishes Peggy as an authority on mobile search and content discovery technologies enabling media companies and mobile operators to monetize content and services. Her drive to spark debate about issues impacting the industry at all levels has won her international recognition as a brave new voice in the mobile content market. She has established a successful consulting career based on vision, insight, versatility, and over 15 years of industry experience.

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