Touch my iPhone there, and you'll have to [NO CARRIER]

by Guy J Kewney | posted on 06 January 2009

There are plenty of iPhone users who think Bluetooth isn't ostentatious enough, it seems; someone has decided to use fax modem technology on audio to swap business cards. Specifically, a free iPhone app for download from the Appstore.

OK, let's admit; many people hate pairing Bluetooth devices. So wouldn't it be fun to have a system which works over audio?

It sounds more retro than a clockwork computer. The company which has launched it, Xyster ("Zister") hasn't even put it on its own web site. But if you click on this link, it will open up your iTunes application (ah, sorry, you don't have iTunes on that PC? Drat...)

... and give you this information:  

"It enables quick and easy contact cloning between iPhones, using sound and the iPhone's external speaker and microphone..."

and goes on to say, encouragingly:

Using Me2 is easy:  

1. The sending iPhone's speaker volume needs to be at the highest setting. To increase the volume, shake the iPhone till prompted by Me2 and raise the volume (using the volume button on the side of the phone). Volume should be at the highest setting" (yes, you said that already!) " and you should hear a tone confirming that the volume is high enough."

Changing the volume at any other time does not affect transmission volume, it warns. Eh?
2. Align the phones' bottom edges opposite each other, so that they touch (as in the screen shot). This is easiest to do on a flat surface, a table or a chair, for instance..." 

No, no, stop! Perverts!

I'm afraid, guys, you lost me around the time when you started shaking the iPhone. I thought Bluetooth pairing was complex, yes; but this ...?

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