Zarafa launches open source application integration software

by Guy J Kewney | posted on 03 December 2008

Paris, Open World Forum — December 2, 2008 — Zarafa, the number one MS Exchange replacement, announced at the OpenWorld Forum that it will launch server side integrations with other applications such as CRM and DMS.

In an effort to sponsor and support the full integration of an enterprise open source Exchange replacement with other applications, the company has launched Z-Merge. Z-Merge is open source software enabling integration options with other systems like CRM and document management systems (DMS) by server side webservices and plugin systems.

The “Holy Grail” in business open source in 2009 will be interoperability among open source applications where system integrators are backed by vendors delivering open source integration solutions.

“Thanks to community effort integration with several open source applications is realized. Features where e-mails are directly saved to customer files or repositories are soon available within several open source applications from different companies.

SugarCRM mail, contact and task replication with Zarafa groupware has already resulted to data integrity at several customers. Also other open source applications such as ERP and DMS have already been integrated with Zarafa groupware by the open source community. This enables to meet compliance regulations where e-mails are stored within the full communication file with a customer or a project”, said Brian Joseph, Zarafa's CEO.

The software is used to run thousands of commercial servers supporting over one million users and includes an AJAX-based web client and robust Outlook support.

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Zarafa will introduce and maintain a dual licensing strategy. The company has licensed the full core of its software and application integration under the Affero GPLv3 license.

Zarafa is the fastest growing commercial Linux-based groupware firm in Europe that enables linux servers to share Outlook calendar and e-mail and allows web-based access by means of an AJAX-based web client. Many governments and corporations run with Zarafa.

It is the only groupware platform that includes open source ActiveSync compatibility, which enables organizations to have remote synchronisation and pushmail for Windows Mobile, Nokia’s Mail for Exchange and iPhones.

Zarafa’s head office is in Delft, the Netherlands, while the company has also offices in Stuttgart (DE), Hannover (DE) and Belo Horizonte (BR). Zarafa is the Arabic word for giraffe. Like a giraffe, Zarafa has the overview in the landscape of other applications to collaborate together in an open and friendly way.

Please click here for more information on the integration software.

Read here the official press release.

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