Review of Nokia E75: can we wait for the next OS?

by Guy J Kewney | posted on 21 April 2009

 "Awesome phone, but I had to spend a day modifying it so that I could use it." Do you need to guess what phone we're talking about? Yes, a Nokia Series 60.

People who know All About Symbian want a new version. So there are complaints, and the quote above is one of them.

The voice is of a reader; comment to the Mad Tartan Wearer who is doing a video review of the E75, and getting critical. Well, it's what Ewan Spence does. He knows all about Symbian (last time we asked him if he knew all about Sybian, he looked blank) and has his opinions.

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"Ewan returns to a familiar theme (for long time AASers) in the second part of his video diary with the qwerty-side-sliding Nokia E75, pointing out the apparent complexity of S60's application menu for new users. He's also found inconsistencies in this area that are new to the E75. Some of his concerns are addressed in S60 5th Edition, of course, but that's not going to help those who buy the E75."

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