Full review of Sony-Ericsson S700 - no, the Japanese don't get all the cool stuff!

by Guy Kewney | posted on 16 November 2004

"It reads like a page torn from the NTT DoCoMo product catalog." Nobody does phone reviews in the depth Michael Oryl does, so check out his full examination of the S700 and S710a phones.

Guy Kewney

Oryl says the S700's physical design and camera "were very obviously influenced by the likes of the So505i, the handset that started the "spinner" form factor craze".

He continues: "We've all been very anxious to get our hands on this handset, and now MobileBurn was lucky enough to get it in both the S700i and S710a versions."

The bottom line? "Let's cut to the chase. The S700i is a great multimedia phone. The huge 2.3" diagonal 262k colour TFT display offers up a massive 240x320 pixel resolution (quarter VGA). It is bright and colourful and really looks fantastic. I still would give the edge to Sharp's CGS displays, but not by all that much. The 40 voice polyphonic system is also fantastic."

OK, he likes it.

The whole review occupies eight pages, and should be stored for future reference. It includes detailed high-res pictures.

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