Can't remember when you last ate? Try some memory sushi ...

by Guy Kewney | posted on 01 November 2004

Still haven't managed to work out what Dynamism means by "comes in several flavours" when referring to its "replica sushi" memory keys.

Guy Kewney

<1/> Hungry?

The appearance is appetising enough. It's sushi

I'm hungry already. But - that's definitely a USB connector sticking out of each of the 128 megabyte gadgets. So what happens when you lick one? "Comes packed in dry ice," it says. Plastic dry ice, I hope.

Meanwhile, want a two megapixel digital camera which will have people taking your picture? "It has the look and feel of a classic world-recognized still camera - but smaller and digital. It is lots of fun to use, and while the 2 megapixel is not going to win any awards for resolution, it is fun for camera buffs and pop-culture fans alike."

<1/> Get your picture took

That's from the maker's web site.

"Like I said - I had it out for one afternoon and was stopped by four different people who wanted to hold it, look through the viewfinder ... etc. Really, that's pretty incredible for a little camera."

It does look like a Rollei, only half size. My first camera as a photo-reporter in 1966. Thanks to Simon for the sushi!

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