Sony apes Apple with coloured music players

by Tony Smith | posted on 30 September 2004

Sony will soon ship an updated version of its first hard drive-equipped digital music player, this time to pitch the product straight at Apple's iPod Mini.

<1/> Silver, metallic pinc, metallic blue - makes the music sound so much better ...

The NW-HD2 matches the specification of the original NW-HD1 - in particular the 20GB 1.8in hard drive - simply adding three alternative coloured cases. In addition to the NW-HD1's darker metallic shell, the NW-HD2 is available in silver, metallic pink and metallic blue shades.

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Sony's move to offer pastel-hued music players follows a similar announcement from Toshiba earlier this week that it's preparing coloured-versions of its Gigabeat player. Apple rival Creative also announced coloured versions of its MuVo2 player early in September.

And not just music devices. Kyocera is already shipping an iPod Mini-matching line of digital cameras

The Sony NW-HD2 goes on sale in Japan on 10 October for around ¥40,000 (£201/$361). There's no word yet on US and European availability.

As reported earlier on NewsWireless the proposed MP3 players won't include this hard disk device - only the Flash memory players.

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