Now even smartphones can have GPS navigation

by Guy Kewney | posted on 24 September 2004

Got a hand-held device with an SDIO card slot? Turn it into a GPS navigator ... NemeriX demonstrates omnidirectional device at ION GNSS

Guy Kewney

<1/> IoN Satellite meeting

At the Institute of Navigation satellite meeting (Long Beach, California) a prototype GPS SDIO card is currently being demonstrated, using an omnidirectional GPS antenna from UK designer, Sarantel.

The press release reports: "NemeriX chose the Sarantel GeoHelix S antenna for the GPS SDIO card because of its reliable and predictable performance."

Vincent Mouret, CEO at NemeriX is quoted: "We selected the Sarantel antenna because it combines such a small size with high performance, making it perfect for tight integration in the new compact NemeriX SDIO card. The Sarantel antenna is omni-directional which makes it ideal for consumer applications, enabling robust GPS reception even when it is upside down and in close proximity to the human body."

David Wither, CEO at Sarantel said: "The consumer market is hungry for recreational GPS applications that are dependable, work in less than optimal environments and enable new experiences. This new NemeriX GPS SDIO card immediately GPS-enables PDAs and smartphones and doesn't require cables or a Bluetooth wireless connection. Consumer applications require small size without compromising performance."

Sarantel's antenna is, says Wither, a compact high performance solution, which offers robust GPS reception. "It can be easily integrated into the smallest device, even into the SDIO card form factor. The Sarantel antenna works with the low power NemeriX GPS chipset to ensure that the battery life of the mobile device is not drained, a key issue for consumer acceptance."

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