Yes, grownups don't want toy phones. They want to make calls!

by Guy J Kewney | posted on 24 May 2009

After getting several "silver surfer" requests for "a proper phone that makes calls, and receives calls, and has buttons I can see without glasses" I decided to make a point of putting suppliers of "proper phones" into the news. First is Silverphone which does just that.

OK, they rather spoil the pitch by making it sound like silver phone users are disabled. Of course, some are! but you don't have to fall into the "OAP Elderly and visually impaired" bracket to find some teenage toys just - well, irritating! -

Here's the pitch:

We are the UK's most popular place to find easy to use mobile phones. We have recently been featured on BBC 1, ITV's This Morning show and a host of other publications. Most of our products have large buttons and single button call functions. Our big button phones are perfect for OAPs, people with special needs and lone workers as they very often require a phone that is simple to understand and easy to use.

The company says it just launched "the lowest priced big button mobile phone available in the UK - the Binatone SpeakEasy" which "has great features at a fantastic price of just £49.99."

An addition to the SilverPhone range is the Doro PhoneEasy 410 mobile phone, the worlds first big button, clamshell earing Aid Compatible mobile phone. "It's sure to be one of our most popular handsets and you can pre-order now!" they say.

There's a page of special offers to scan.

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