A quick anti-Underground rant ...

by Guy Kewney | posted on 08 April 2004

What would you do, if someone got mugged a few yards away from you? Apart, obviously, from panicking!

Guy Kewney

My guess is you'd pull out your phone with shaking hands, and dial 999 in London (or 112, if you're a smartarse who knows the new European standard emergency number) and tell the police what happened.

OK, where's the one place in London where you can't do this?

Yes, correct: the London Underground. And the same applies in several rival underground systems.

Isn't it really time we brought the commuter systems of Europe's capital cities into the Internet? If you get lost on the Singapore or Hong Kong underground, you can pull out your phone, and either ask an information service - you know, by voice - or use a web page on a WAP phone.

But in London, or several other major antique underground railway systems around the world, they somehow can't manage it.

Shouldn't we start doing something to wake them up?

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