Surprise exclusive for the Warehouse - the mystery Acer Liquid debuts

by Guy J Kewney | posted on 23 March 2010

There has actually been a review - and not a bad review, either - of one of the minority Android smartphones. So now that the Carphone Warehouse has announced an exclusive, that review will suddenly be valuable.

Summary review:

"For a first go at a new OS, the Acer Liquid does very well. And it definitely helped me forget the dual disappointments of the neoTouch and the beTouch E101. At Rs. 25,000 (MRP in India)(US$552), the Liquid is expensive and does not offer very good multimedia performance but it also does a number of things very well. All in all, a good buy if you are particularly interested in the Android OS."

The reviewer is Nikhil Pradhan, who has done a good job of being comprehensive. Features are judged against other Androids at similar prices (in India) and found acceptable: "The Liquid A1's price-point puts it in the high-end category and appropriately, it has most features that phones like the OmniaHD, HTC Hero, HTC HD2 and Nokia N97mini boast of."

Pradham lists a few: "The Acer supports 3G and Wi-Fi and can be used as a GPS navigation device. It uses Google's Android v1.6 mobile OS [including] a better Android Market UI, faster search and camera operations and enhancements made to the media gallery, among others."

The Acer Liquid comes with two exclusive pre-installed applications- Splinlets and urFooz. "The former lets you stream and listen to selected tracks from a large number of international music albums. urFooz lets you create an animated avatar that you can post on social networks." He likes it.

The full review is well worth reading in detail.

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