Calypso announces successful test of dual WiFi/GSM phone with T-Mobile

by Staff Writer | posted on 03 November 2003

Calypso Wireless has announced (November 3) that the company has successfully completed the live demonstration of its proprietary ASNAP technology, which "seamlessly switches back and forth between the mobile networks and the new Wi-Fi networks" -the demonstration being made with T-Mobile, for CGE Distributors Corp.

The press release says that Calypso's upcoming delivery of its real-time video cellular phone will provide devices which able to seamlessly switch back and forth between GSM/GPRS networks and WiFi wireless local area networks using the 802.11 standard.

The demonstration was performed on T-Mobile's GSM/GPRS network in Miami.

Calypso Wireless "has the proprietary technology to be the only manufacturer of a cellular phone and mobile devices that seamlessly switches voice, video and data back and forth between the cellular networks and the new WiFi networks," says the announcement.

"This demonstration was an important milestone for Calypso Wireless, and for the WiFi industry. Despite the significant progress we have recently made with major telecom carriers, we felt it was imperative for us to actually show the industry that our technology work flawlessly in existing networks," says Mark Sujo, Vice President of Sales of Calypso Wireless, Inc.

According to Victor Ramirez, General Manager of CGE Distributors Corp, "We were extremely impressed by the demonstration and we look forward to deploy Calypso's technology to all our customers."

Calypso is currently working with different cellular operators and is planning to begin field trials in several markets for its real-time video cellular phones and second generation WiFi access points.

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