New Tungsten Palm leaked in Poland?

by Guy Kewney | posted on 23 September 2003

Depending on how good your Polish is, you may care to dig out the original leak from PDA Club about the Tungsten T3

Guy Kewney

. Pictures which are supposed to be "all over the Web" all clearly come from that site, even though some Editors have managed to try clipping the site logo off the images they've found!

According to Palm Infocenter, the Tungsten E "will have a Texas Instruments 144MHz OMAP processor," - an ARM variant - "plus 32MB of RAM - and run Palm OS 5.2 ... it will come bundled with Versamail 2.6 and Docs-to-Go 6.0."

At BargainPDA they have pics, from PDA Club, of course! The database there suggests it will be a "slide-open" device again, varying from 10.8 cm long closed to 13 cm open, and measuring 7.6 cm by 1.6 across and deep. They also focus on the "panorama" display alternative.

They claim an Intel XScale 400 MHz processor - which would be a surprise. The Register's Tony Smith raised an eyebrow at that, too, pointing out that early pix show the OMAP logo.

He was more interested in rumours of the smaller, cheaper Tungsten E PDA, around half the price of the $400 odd for the T3. "Like all Tungstens, the E is aimed at the enterprise, but this time as an entry-level mass-purchase device. It will feature 32MB of memory, run Palm OS 5.2 and have a fixed Graffiti text-entry area," Smith added.

His opinion: "Essentially, it's a T2 for corporate IT departments which believe the T2's slider design is too fiddly and offers too great an opportunity for breakage in the field. For the same reason, it won't ship with a cradle but a simple USB-to-Universal Connector cable."

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