New SPV - with Bluetooth! - soon?

by Guy Kewney | posted on 01 September 2003

Nice to see that the new Windows Mobile 2003 phones actually exist. Here's the scoop from - pictures of the still-testing SPV-2 from Orange in the UK.

Guy Kewney

The phone is code-named the "Voyager" - made by HTC - the company which designed most iPaq PDAs and all the previous smartphones and is wound around with mystery. There was that "appeal for beta-testers" which Orange apparently sent out - and then denounced as a hoax.

And there was the question of whether Microsoft had actually finished the operating software - "Windows Mobile" instead of "Microsoft Smartphone" - and there was the phone company, T-Mobile, which was meant to announce a Microsoft phone, which was expected to be the HTC phone, but wasn't announced.

There have been sightings ... and now, CoolSmartPhone has managed to get close-up shots.

Nothing much else to say; as you can see, there's no light on the screen, so it wasn't working. But its remarkable similarity to the SPV E-100 is important, says Gear at CSP - "it means that all the peripherals and accessories for the earlier models will work with this one."

Availability should be around early Autumn, but it's all still a mysterious bundle.

And it will have Bluetooth, so one accessory, at least, you can chuck out - your headset.

<1/> Past SPV, Present SPV ...

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