Mobile emails - via voice - from Voxit for iPaq

by Staff Writer | posted on 15 August 2003

Considering how many people have praised Voxit Mailer, this hand-held email program is astonishingly under-reported. It's a standard "free-with" option when you buy an iPaq, and it's now available for all Pocket PCs including, as of next week, the XDA from mmo2 - and in a month or so, on Symbian smartphones.

This is a voice-based mobile email package. It uses voice recognition to allow you to control the program, it uses voice synthesis to allow you to listen to your emails, and it also allows you to reply to email by creating a voice-memo and emailing it back as a .WAV audio file.

Ian Anderton, general manager of Domain Dynamics, says the product is now moving out into the open. "It's been available when you buy an iPaq through the HP Software Choice programme," said Anderton, "but it's now going into the stores. We have a distributor anxious to sell copies off the shelf, so we've got to tell people a bit about it."

The software hasn't been much changed since it was first released. but recent enhancements have meant that it's possible to access standard PPO3 and IMAP based mailboxes.

It's also capable of doing SMS through email.

The software can be evaluated (two-week beta) by download, and (in theory) purchased from Domain Dynamics direct or from mmo2 direct, or from Handango - but by far the cheapest way of getting it is through the coupon system which you get in the box with your iPaq brand new.

The Symbian version will be announced with an unnamed Symbian franchise partner (Sendo?) at the CTIA Wireless IT show in Las Vegas in October.

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