Gateway's new toy could spark home wireless

by Guy Kewney | posted on 01 July 2003

A launch by Gateway into the home electronics business - it looks like a DVD player, but it has Ethernet built in. And Gateway will give buyers "help in setting up a wireless network."

Guy Kewney

According to PC World magazine, the Gateway Connected DVD player will cost $250 and "will work with" wireless networks.

Apparently, this refers to the fact that it can be connected to a PC via ethernet - and despite other reports that it is a wireless device, Gateway has made it clear that it will require wireless hardware added in.

Exactly what the "help" will be, remains to be seen - but it looks like it will be "Buy this type of product, and plug it in here" with a few FAQs available to phone support staff.

Gateway restricts its sales to the US and Canada these days, and as with its quite nice little Tablet PC, European buyers won't be able to buy it.

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